CandleCreatives was founded with a love for unique and expressive art.

What started out as one woman making candles in her basement as gifts 

for friends & family has grown into an engaging activity anyone can enjoy.

CandleCreatives is a mobile candle making experience led by lively instructors 

in the environment of your choosing. We offer customers 3 different experience options 

to create your own colorful scented candle pillar with/or without candle coaster. 

**For more info on Experience options, click the link below**

Why have CandleCreatives at your event?

- Provide a unique experience for your guest

- Keep people engaged and relaxed-- it is a great stress reliever!

-   Your guests will leave with their own hand crafted souvenirs

- Great for people of all ages!

Perfect for any occasion, whether its a birthday party, bachelorette,

 wedding,baby shower, divorce party, corporate events, team building 

or just a night out! So bring refreshments, take a seat 

and unleash your creativity through the art of candle making. 

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